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 Footmen Heroes 1.0 Change Log

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PostSubject: Footmen Heroes 1.0 Change Log   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:44 am

Hi you may remember this thread from footmen frenzy 5.5 but this is finally finished.
This is like Custom hero footies and 5.4 it is all made by scratch. It is custom hero footies but ars. I hope you like it
-Change log
-Added rocks so if Player red types rocks there are 2 golem in Middle
-Ssd mode has been added Heros get 300 extra percent damage
-More balanced
-Nova has been nerfed
-Made it ap and ar players have the choice beetween ap and ar but if you choose ar you get and ammu and a chance to get a op hero but wicked!!!
-Mana pet was delayed it will be made in the Next version!!!
-Added alot of heros.
- Made a chf like mass to make it easier to get exp
-Added wicked credits
EPIC war is currently disable unable to load map
-----------------Sneak peak at what is going to be made next version------------
-Mana pet will be finshed!!!!!!!
-More heros will be added
-Wicked mode will be added there base will have less Hp
Hope you like it
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Footmen Heroes 1.0 Change Log
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