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 Footmen Heroes 1.1 Change Log

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PostSubject: Footmen Heroes 1.1 Change Log   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:48 am

dded a Base pet! Finnaly
-Added fun mode (It turns all Heros to lvl 20 and i balanced it i took the mass away)
-Nerfed Fire bolt to 500 damage
-Added a LOAD screen Its cool
-Added more ppl to credits And i have decided credits are finnaly finshed not going to add any more
-Made tomb 1000 Gold
-Nerfed Bears lvl 5 hp to 1250
-made it so base pet has spell immune
-Added 4 more heros
-Made it only 1 stock per hero works only for ap
-Removed sheep from ap tavern
-Remove grimmed from ap tavern
-Buffed Phoenix to 3 phoenix and each one does 100 Damage i found out that chimera with 85 is equal to phoenix with 100 damage idk how that works but yeah i tested on a base
-Buffed coil to 1500 damage ( balanced it out only the weak heros have coil as meaning the spells are like aura aura and coil or something like that)
-Was going to add Load and save but nest didnt finsh the last bit was so close but failed =(
-Nerfed fire element for panda ulti to 85 damage
-You can only buy tomb after 120 seconds of the game
-Added Herowars Sound to the mass Check it out it sounds awesome
---------------------------------Modes old--------------------------------
-Ssd (Sudden Sudden death Makes Hero have 300 exp extra for a kill)
-Rocks (summon 2 rock golem in middle)
-Fun mode (Start all heros to lvl 20)
Thank you to all these ppl who helped
-Vexslasher-Trigger maker and Beta tester
-Mr_sexy-Trigger maker and beta tester
-Aztec_devil2000-Host bot suppler lets me test the maps out on his hostbot And Gives me some unprotected maps of his to look at and take some sounds
-Bond009-Trigger helper
-Shadowhunter94- Beta tester
-i-connect -Beta tester
-Jg1-Beta tester
-Lady in pink -Beta tester
-Ultrax95 -Beta tester
-Assasin_west -Beta tester
Alot more but cant remeber most of you are feathered in The start credits
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Footmen Heroes 1.1 Change Log
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