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 Footmen Heroes 1.2 Change Log

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PostSubject: Footmen Heroes 1.2 Change Log   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:51 am

I was able to retrieve it!!! So here it is:
Change log Footmen hero 1.2
-Buffed Sprit of vengeance and added the spell mana drain to it
-Added all new spree sounds!
-Added text at the 30 second mark
-3 more heros added
-Holy HPMM redid (Spells)
-Added all new stun tower
-Lowered the cost of tomb or retraining to 300
-Lowered scroll of beasting to 1100
-Claws of attack is now 700
-Buffed speed built arcane defense by 2 so its 18 defense base
- Nerfed the gold bounty of speed built arcane to 300
- Nerfed the arcane tower bounty to 250
- Changed the second hero of bond009 to the game name called Goliath
- Potion of invisibilty now cost 50 gold (to stop abusers)
- Added cool new loadscreen
- Changed the Random360 Production to Random260 Production
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Footmen Heroes 1.2 Change Log
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