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PostSubject: CUSTOM HERO FOOTIES 4.0 REVIEW   Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:39 am

Hi, as most you you know I am keen to review the next Custom Hero Footies version however, I will start the review here. As most of you know Custom hero Footies is a massive hit however not all the version updates are good.

Custom Hero Footies v4.0 is one of the versions which you assume would have been epic. But this average! When I first saw the game I wanted new heroes, modes, and items. This version focused more on fixes/new items. The mini loading screen is also a hit and a miss. It fails to deliver the "wow factor". I expected a new picture instead we get a rip of the Custom Hero Footies load screen. However, there are many positives like the nerf of mana dragon, and the fixes to capture the flag. Capture the flag needs more work to make more better. I hope the future version will have ctf more funnier. Compared to Custom Hero Footies 3.9a this is a a lot better.

Bottom Line

Custom Hero Footies is a very fun map and the updates are usually good. This is a decent update with fixes/items better then Custom Hero Footies 3.9 and Custom Hero Footies 3.9a. This version isn't a massive update.

My Verdict:

This is average I rate it: 2.5/5 mostly because of the items and the attempted to make CTF Better.

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