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PostSubject: CUSTOM HERO FOOTIES 4.0A REVIEW   Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:51 am

Hi, as most you you know I am keen to review the next Custom Hero Footies version however. As most of you know Custom hero Footies is a massive hit however not all the version updates are good.

Custom Hero Footies v4.0a is one of the versions which you assume would have be just fixes. This version is good it surprisingly has a new hero added: Cyray undead Troll hero. This version balances a lot of noob spells as well as balances the over powered spells. One of the requested balances has been fulfilled: Make -SSD need 5 win code to vote (red) which is a good thing for other players (Not for me lol). Some of the buffs are not effective. For example, howl of terror : Buff duration time, drunken haze : Buff lvl5-6 bof+haze combine like 2 sec more duration time.There has been lots of arguments on how much food golems should cost. Bond009 changed it so it requires 2 food which I think is a good move. Another fail balance is: lower price of tome of retraining from 650 to 585. Even with the price lower is still and awful spell. Cyray hero is neat it suits him well.

Bottom Line

Custom Hero Footies is a very fun map and the updates are usually good. This is a good update. It does alot of buffing/nerfing. With the surprise of 1 new hero and many balances it is good. This is better compared to the previous updates, Custom Hero Footies 4.0 and 3.9a in terms of the effort.

My Verdict:

This is good update I rate it: 3.5/5

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