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 Offical Hostbot Rules And Ban Time

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Offical Hostbot Rules And Ban Time Empty
PostSubject: Offical Hostbot Rules And Ban Time   Offical Hostbot Rules And Ban Time EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 7:55 pm

This is the official Hostbot rules. This thread tells you how long you should be banned for and the list of bannable offenses.

^Map Hacking: 2 months - Permanent
Admin Abuse: 2-12 days
Rudeness: 1 hour - 2 days
Abusing Votekick: 1 hour - 3 days
Admin impersonation: 1 hour - 24 hours
-Team Killing: 10 hours - 3 days
Using !drop command instantly when someone is lagging. Must give time for the person lagging to stop. 8 hours - 3 days
(Command removed use !synclimit 9999999 .However, please give the lagger a chance to recover. If he doesn't after a while use that command.)
Kicking a person who is downloading in the lobby.: 1 hour - 1 day
(If you don't want to play with a person downloading swap him to another team (Admins only) or leave)
-Team Item destroying/Team Item Wielding without permission.: 8 hours - 3 days
^Bug Abuse: 18 days - permanent
^Hacking of any sort: Permanent
-Selling your Items Intentionally and wanting to lose money. 10 hours - 3 days
-Intentionally not buying hero and refusing to use the money to aid ally, just keeping it.  8 hours - 3 days
*Abusing the elo system
-FTD Mode - Building Tower Middle: 8 hours - 3 days

*Abusing elo system:

1) Playing with an account (or playing on) which <0 elo on the same ip address as the main in order to gain more elo for the main.

*Please note that our rule is that a person will be punished even if/her brother is causing the rule break.

(These rules can be modified at any time without any notice in written form)


New policy for admin abusers.

I have designed a two strike/four strike policy. The two strike policy relates to the admin abuse, the second is in game related abuse.

Admin Abuse (2 strikes)

Unbanning a banned person without permission (permission can be gained from the forum) (You are allowed to unban if you are the person who banned the person) 1 strike

Banning without reason/Banning outside rulebook 1 strike

In-game Related (4 strikes)

"-" = 2 strikes
"^" = 4 strikes

The math

1 in-game related + 1 admin abuse related = removed forever

Note: The ban times still apply for admin.
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Offical Hostbot Rules And Ban Time
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