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 Footmen Heroes 1.0b

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PostSubject: Footmen Heroes 1.0b   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:35 am

Footmen hero 1.0b: Made By Random360

This is a Mix of Custom hero footies Made by: Bond009 and a mix or Footmen frenzy 5.4. This is a fast motion action pack game, that you should love. You will spawn units every time so use them wisely and defeat the 3 other teams. There is a choice of Ar or Ap however Ar give you a ammulet but ap doesn't.

- Random360 (Main map developer)
- Vexslasher (Map trigger Helper
- Bond009 ( Map trigger helper)
- Mr.sexy (Map trigger helper)
- Clan DKH (Bot supply and Tester)
Special thank to all the Beta tester listed in the map!

- SSD ( Special thanks to Bond009/ Custom hero footies for giving me giving me the idea to put it in Wink)
More modes to come ...

-Intense fast motion game play set at 150 percent
-Five taverns of fully ap heroes
-One very special op Hero in ar
-Max hero lvl of 20
- Base pet Gives mana (special thanks to Bond009/ Custom hero footies for Giving me this idea)
-Awesome Votekick command for Host bots or Manuel host

So if you love either footmen frenzy 5.4 or custom hero footies i bet you will love this.
" This is somehow different from 5.4 for some reason" Aztec_devil2000
" Really fun game " Domainant[DKH]
Download: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/194430/
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Footmen Heroes 1.0b
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