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 Elo System Countdown!

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PostSubject: Elo System Countdown!   Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:52 pm

The Official Countdown to ELO
The Final Countdown

I am proud to say we now have our own elo system!!! This is a major step in Custom Hero Footies. Soon we will know who is really the #1 CHF Player of all time! So Count down with me in the last 10 seconds!!!! Also, this countdown is not 100 percent accurate. Half the pressure will go to Bond009 putting it in his map. But have no fear. If he doesn't have time we will deprotect it and add it to the custom hero footies map (Protected). Then when bond has the time we will add the elo system to bond's official map. But that is our last case scenario.

So everybody Good luck and have fun. I expect you all to be ready when that countdown hits 0 and waiting in Clan HPMM lol.

Play the video when the countdown hits <1 min
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Elo System Countdown!
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