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 Do something about 6v6 mode

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Do something about 6v6 mode Empty
PostSubject: Do something about 6v6 mode   Do something about 6v6 mode EmptyFri Jul 03, 2015 11:03 am

I didnt care about comming to the forum until now. Many people abusing that mode to dont lose or have very fast games only for the sake of ELO.

That mode is broken, if you manage to win mass the game is already over, and is even worst when its ssd. At that point of the game, if you win mass you are at least lvl 9. If you have skills like earthquake or stampide you can kill bases really fast, and between you might not have the chanse to counter that with silence.

You might save your base, but if they are atacking simultaniusly, and your teamates are not that good, or dont have enough gold to buy rats you're dead in less than 10 min. This is suck a broken mode and needs to be fixed or ban. People ruin games just for the sake of ELO.
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Do something about 6v6 mode
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