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 ban request: GoKu.@Europe

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ban request: GoKu.@Europe Empty
PostSubject: ban request: GoKu.@Europe   ban request: GoKu.@Europe EmptyFri Feb 20, 2015 2:07 pm

Rules for Ban request
1. State there name and there realm they are currently in
GoKu. (with a period) on Europe (there's also a GoKu. on USEast with 1 game played on the bot)

2. State what they have done

3. Persuade us! is the most important thing
I have the replay attached below. Obviously watch it with fog of war on, from GoKu.'s view

Reason 1: A suspicion arises:

At time=0:55 Orange runs his hero directly towards teals dropped starting items.
There were no other potential item steams available.
Good guess.

Reason 2: Spider-senses

At time=6:13 Orange runs into the top left base, stops when he sees just 3 of reds footmen, and casts a flamestrike into the fog. The cast-point/center of the spell is outside of his vision.
He sure was lucky that red had the most units in that base -- he certainly didn't know that before he cast the spell, right?
Remember to keep fog of war on when you're watching him do this, but pause and toggle it on and off to see that he's casting the spell into the fog.

Reason 3: UHHHHH

At time=~7:20 Orange buys a shockwave scepter and runs directly to the bottom right base.
This is the juiciest target available on the map for a scepter at this time.
He then runs past pinks (sizeable) army, doesn't scout grey at all, and casts a shockwave towards greens base totally into the fog.
I'll repeat that: He decided to ignore pinks units and casts a shockwave at green without seeing any of greens units, without any scouting information.
What if green had run his units back, or to the side? The shockwave would have hit absolutely nothing.
Lucky guesses! He guessed the best stack from the best base, without scouting it!

Reason 4: Casting into the fog (again)

At time=8:48 Orange runs to the bottom right base, and casts a flamestrike into the fog (the cast point/center of the spell is out of his vision).
He can see a few units, but seems confident there are more (he did just go into that base though -- this isn't considerably unreasonable if it weren't for the fog castpoint again), and he doesn't scout them beforehand.

Reason 5: Shockwave frenzy

At time=10:36 Orange buys a shockwave, runs to the middle, then goes right to the biggest stack of units (blue). He could have intuitively known blue would be vulnerable, though.
It sure is convenient he runs directly to the biggest stack right when he gets those shockwaves, isn't it?

Reason 6: Cannon. Stop. Those are my kills!

At time=11:06 Orange runs directly to bottom lefts cannon and flame strikes it -- wouldn't want that gold to go to waste, after all. He doesn't go for the units at the barracks, like he normally does, he runs to the juicy half-dead units he can't immediately see at the back.

Reason 7: A very lucky man

At time=13:40 Orange runs directly to Teals base. He doesn't go to Blues, who has no units (but Orange can't see that, right?), he goes right to Teals.
He flamestrikes teals units into the fog (again) when he sees just 4 riflemen.
In summary: He is obviously a good player. However, he never screws up a cast. He always goes directly to the best target available in a base and casts on it, without scouting the other barracks, or even the barracks he casts on. But he always guesses the juiciest one. Unfailingly.

4. State which bot is was

random260_host on Garena

Here's a screenshot of the loading info from the replay:

5. State the game name

As you can see, GoKu. is 19/2 on his Europe account. I wonder if he has an absurd number of kills resulting from an absurd number of 'lucky guesses' in all of his games?

Only one way to find out! (http://playchf.net/?u=goku.) (it tries to link it without the period at the end)

6. State the time the event happened
Earlier tonight. I looked through the replay to see how he got so many kills (I'm well aware that I suck), and I found some suspicious stuff.
Note that while I complained in the game, and left sort of early, I didn't mention maphacking or cheating at all. I didn't even mention Orange specifically. I also didn't complain when he shockwaved me from the fog (I wouldn't have known without the replay).

The replay is attached.

Edit: I'm not sure the replay attached correctly, so here it is:

mega.co.nz #!OBYk2ZBT!gloIJ-uun2Bbmtf7nB0rXjcyTg02xcRHTuvoybsl2d8

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ban request: GoKu.@Europe
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