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 Cyray maphack

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PostSubject: Cyray maphack   Wed May 08, 2013 1:21 am

username: cyray
server: useast.battle.net
replay: mediafire.com ?1bkeywzknjrs4yh
note: i wasn't in the replay, but someone posted this on chf.ucoz.com and i checked it, he was maphacking. (http://chf.ucoz.com/forum/58-2927-1#51224)
7:40 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Vexslasher
7:44 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Vexslasher
9:32 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Blood Mage
11:17 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked ChrIsicera
11:21 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked ChrIsicera
12:3 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked ChrIsicera
13:40 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Personal Shop
13:43 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked ChrIsicera
15:30 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Footman
15:30 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Undead Fire Mage
22:7 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Tier Zero
22:7 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Tier Zero
22:8 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Tier Zero
24:23 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Captain Bond
27:2 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Blood Mage
27:45 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Peasant
27:48 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Medivh
27:54 |cFFFFA500cyray|r clicked Peasant
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PostSubject: Re: Cyray maphack   Sat May 11, 2013 11:19 pm

Thank you for your ban request!!! Because you contributed to the forum you are now an admin!!! However i had a heated discussion and i can confirm he was map hacking.

My Verdict: I have decided to give him second chance . For some reason Cou wants him to get a second chance so badly. From now on if he map hacks he will be permanent banned. So helekiller keep a look out and if you see him map hacking again feel free to ban him but you must post the replay. And Congrats on Admin.

Second Chance
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Cyray maphack
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