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 leo456 maphack

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PostSubject: leo456 maphack   Mon May 06, 2013 2:35 am

violator username: leo456
server: ombuserver i think
replay: mediafire.com ?gscnc8qtkv8ln6p
violation: maphack
gamename: [beta] custom hero footies #69
2:7 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Auras
5:56 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Scout Tower
7:5 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Ranger
8:10 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
8:45 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
11:55 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
12:26 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
14:21 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Great Northern Bear
14:31 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Shade
21:55 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Sentry Ward
21:56 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Great Northern Bear
21:56 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
22:12 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Footman
22:12 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Skeletal Mage
22:20 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Tier Zero
22:20 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Cannon Tower
22:21 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Creep Shop
22:21 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
24:59 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
26:54 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Naga Royal Guard
27:37 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
27:43 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Peasant
27:44 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Base Vault
27:44 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
27:53 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Druid of Talon
27:57 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
28:16 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Naga Royal Guard
28:19 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Druid of Talon
28:20 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Peasant
28:21 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
29:11 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
29:41 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
30:18 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
31:6 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Night Elf Tier 3
31:7 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Druid of Talon
31:46 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan
35:4 |cFF00BFFFleo456|r clicked Gul'dan

this is clear and 100% sure maphack... he was clicking my hero while in base, silenced me in windwalk several times, dusts me evry time....
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PostSubject: Re: leo456 maphack   Sat May 18, 2013 4:32 pm

Leo456 is not still banned because i played with him 5 minutes ago...
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PostSubject: Re: leo456 maphack   Fri May 24, 2013 10:41 pm


ip banned.
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PostSubject: Re: leo456 maphack   

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leo456 maphack
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