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 Celebrating Our Success. And A Bombshell

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PostSubject: Celebrating Our Success. And A Bombshell   Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:10 pm

Congratulations to [apf]-walter for achieving the 2000 elo cheers cheers !!!! He is currently #1. Also I would like to do a thank you. Lets reflect back.

Back when the hostbot was not even filling and people used to join the old assasin-bot and efbbot I thought what I could do with my spare time. Then an idea struck, why not get  Ghost++ to garena? People may be laughing at my idea back then but I proved them wrong. There have been many arguments on why we shouldn't. Everything we have now is because of that giant garena leap.

Now my first chf hostbot on garena was random260_host. It is what I call, beta host bot on garena when I look back at it. When I first released it, I could see so many happy people and so many people screaming don't add any admins. I was very hesitant, and let the donators only have admin. But then I looked back at the clanHPMM bot by bond009. I remembered a successful hostbot, which had admins that didn't abuse and helped out. I wanted to try to revive that. So I went with my heart and added admins. Shortly after, assasin_west made a chf bot which had garena also, but not quite that fast. Random260_host had a lot of problems like lag. Then I thought about renaming my hostbot to clanHPMM. I am super grateful bond009 allowed me to. After, I renamed Random260_host to clanHPMM it was the start of something wonderful.

From then on, I made a forum called random260.forumotion.com. It was just a baby, but now had grown a bit. After a few months, a new hostbot was on the markets, it was called Tdtbot. It had better ping then ours... That is when the slide happened. Alot of people left my hostbot and joined another hostbot. Our hostbot was doing bad. But one person who was always there was cou =). We were losing donators and the only donator left was cou =(. After tdtbot got successful our hostbot began to die out. I remembered thinking to myself is this the end? Maybe we should shut down clanHPMM. Then I decided to. But then Cou donated and I could see that he really wanted hostbot to stau alive. This was a short turning point. Now We needed to get a new server. After a few months we had finally found one!!!!

This was the beginning of something wonderful. Our hostbot slowly healed after the slide. We got our members back and everything was good. Cou and I decided to work together. Without cou none of this would of happened.

I had spare time and thought what else did we want? Then I went to ent site and saw win/losses. I thought we could have that in chf. Tdtbot was slowly dieing and we needed to bury the hostbot for good so I made a win/loss system which now we call elo. We had created something marvelous!! However, this required modifying bond009's map. This was my biggest fear. The reason why is Idk if he would approve it. But he did!!! After the elo was released it was a big hit.

Even the tdtbot owner played on our hostbot and soon tdtbot shut down. We have won the battle!!!! Clan HPMM wins!!!  From then on history writes itself!! My main focus in the first place is to have only a few hostbot hosting chf. We achieved that, now everyone is put into two hostbots: The elo for us and the non elo for people who play from europe. Now We have a pvpgn realm, teamspeak and we are hopefully going to release elo 2.0. What is elo 2.0?? Here is the big announcement:

We all know custom hero footies 4.1 is released right? But now It has a new elo system. This elo system keeps track on more things! This includes: Hero Kills, Unit kills, and finally hero kill assist. Hope you liked that bombshell. But we are still working on it. So be patient Razz.

I would like to acknowledge: People who helped me with elo! Bond009 and Cou!!
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Celebrating Our Success. And A Bombshell
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