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 All New PvPGN Server

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PostSubject: All New PvPGN Server   Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:50 am

Please support our pvpgn server!! It isn't hard to do heres a simple guide: Follow these simple steps.
1) Download the file (link: 2shared.com/file/pEUfmoEI/CHF_Server.html Case sensitive. Just Select the link and copy) by clicking the download button (Small one at button)

2) Once you have download. Select save the zip file (If you cant find it just open it when you try to download)

3) Now drag the 3 files (Doesn't include the readmee text. You can just not drag it) to your wc3 directory. Your main on where The original frozen throne application should be)

4) Once you drag click on BNGatewayeditor. Then go to Wacraft3 tab at very bottom.
5) Add Gateway the details are here:
Name: (Anything. Just make it if you want to)
Zone: (0)
Ip: (Very Important)

6) Now Press ok and exit the program

7) If you are currently running wc3 close it.

Cool Now click on W3l (Very important can not open with normal wc3)

9) Press the battle.net Gateway selection (Or magnifying glass)

10) click on your made gateway (If you don't see it then redo it. I think you didn't do step 5,6 correctly and didn't save)

11) Press ok

12) Join it by clicking battle.net

13) You are done!!

Please support us by joining it. And try to donate
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All New PvPGN Server
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