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 We Now offer Public hostbot/ Guide to Upload own map.

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PostSubject: We Now offer Public hostbot/ Guide to Upload own map.   Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:57 pm

We now offer free public hostbot!! This hostbot will allow you to host anything! The hostbot is Bondbot @ Useast. Feel free to use anytime. This hostbot will be for donators/admin/clan members. So come on down and us our hostbot!! Ask me for admin if needed via site or message. It is alot easier to get admin on this bot. So to upload your own map to hostbot go to: http://random360.tk/map/
1. First go browse select map
2. Then type the username as: random
3. Type Password as: random260
4. Then wait and you should see map on map list.

How to use bondbot:
1. Once you uploaded map type: .map [Map name try not to abbreviate]
2. Once you get confirmation that map is loaded
3. Type .pub [GAMENAME]
4. Don't abuse the pub command in lobby.
5. Whisper bondbot sc to be able to use commands! This is needed to unhost the game (if needed).
5. Remember to type .unhost (In the game) if you are not playing!!

You must be in clan HPMM or Fa or be "trusted player" or have donated.
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We Now offer Public hostbot/ Guide to Upload own map.
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